Here is a cool
tip about Google search. We are using google search engine to promote
our every problems related to PC and some other general things. I can
simply describe this as follows
“Google has answers for everything”.

let’s see one of google search secret. It’s how to get Google search
result from not yet visited websites. This trick will help you in many
situation, if you’re in deep search of a particular topic when doing
college assignments, this trick will helpful to you.

How to get Google search result from not yet visited websites?

Go to Google.com
Search for something.
Click on Search Tools. 
Then click All results.
Finally select Not yet visited.

How to Get Google Search Results from Not yet Visited Websites


When you start again searching on google, it will show you results from only not yet visited sites.
And you need to sign into Google account to enable this option. Also Web History should be in Enabled.


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