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Google- More Than Just a Search Engine

When it comes to Google, most  of us uses it just as a plain search engine but Google is much more than just an ordinary search engine. There are many lesser known tricks Google has stored for us. Here I present some of the coolest Google tricks.
1.Get the locale time anywhere :

Wanna know What time is it in New Delhi right now? Ask Google.
Enter simply  “what time is it in (City Name)” (without quotes) to get the local time in big cities around the world  and Google will  show you the right time less than a second.

2.Calculator :

Google has in-build calculator which can easily solve any  arithmetical maths problem , be it big or small.

3.Track Flight Status :
Google can even track flight statuses anywhere in the world. Simply,Enter the airline and flight number into the Google search box and get back the arrival and departure times right inside Google’s search results.

4.Currency  Converter :
Google can also do currency conversion or show the latest Exchange Rates right in the search results.

5.Check if Google laughs at your joke :

This is my favorite trick. Write “Google laugh “(without quotes) in the search box and click on “I’am feeling lucky”. This is what you will get :

6. Google gives you a Space Tour :

Write “Google Sky” (without quotes) and click on “I’m feeling lucky”. and then get ready to have a tour of space sitting in front of your computer.

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