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Advertise and Sponsored Review

  • Alexa Rank – 51,264(World) [as on june 2016]
                               7,960 (India)
  • Daily Traffic – 21,800 + Visits (Google Analytics)
  • Pageviews – 800,035 (Monthly – Google Analytics)[june 2016 data]
  • Users – 619,677 (Monthly) [june 2016]
Exposure of your product / service /app  on Gammerson enables you to target and get clients from a vast diversity ranging from
  • Mobile users as well as PC users.
  • Android Users + iOS Users + Windows Phone users.
  • Linux + Windows + Mac Os Users (We are already building a stable base of Chrome Os users too).
  • Your Product will be listed on one of the Top 40,000 Websites.
Besides these, you’ll get Additional benefits such as –
  • A high quality, do-follow backlink from Our Domain.
  • Guaranteed Exposure of Article – Review to Thousands of Users (your potential customers) who visit the site daily (Atleast for 5 Days – Guaranteed).
  • We specialize in bringing Traffic from Mobile users , which guarantees better conversion rates.
  • A Uniquely reviewed Article which contains a basic Introduction as well as a tutorial on using your Product / App / Service – (This methodology ensures any reader reading the article gets instantly familiar with your product resulting in quicker conversions ).
  • Thorough explanation of your Product & Service .
  • We have partnerships with some big brands for a long  time and serving them as best as we can.Check out our Official Partners list Here You can be the part of us.
  • We have review variety of products,Apps,games and services.
  • Check out our reviews from this link :Sponsored Posts.

Costing –

We are very flexible on the Sponsored review and article costing , as we believe that every good product deserves more customers! and if we like the product or a service. Just mail us on gammerson@gmail.com to contact us! Have a Nice day !!

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