How to fix battery drain issue on Redmi S2


Here we share some of the best solutions to fix your smartphone battery drain issue. We will tell you some specific set of solutions for Redmi S2 smartphone only as most of the users are facing lagging issues in their Redmi S2. Redmi S2 is an amazing smartphone with a set of perfect specifications but still, sometimes software creates the problem in running the system that’s why a smartphone lags. Keep reading this Guide to know more about how to fix battery drain issues on Redmi S2 and follow this guide carefully to fix the issue related to your smartphone.

Most of the smartphones nowadays are facing this battery drainage issue, there is no fixed reason behind this because a battery problem can occur due to hundreds of reason. We all know what must be or must not be done like we should not use the phone while charging. Don’t stress the smartphone by using an app or playing a game for more than 3 to 4 hours. If we take some precautions then the battery can be repaired by it’s own without doing anything more or less, Still, we will give you the best ways to improve the battery life and fix battery drainage issue in Redmi S2.


Gammerson is not responsible for any kind of damage caused to your smartphone while following this guide. Gammerson team is not liable to pay any kinds of claim raised after following this guide.

Methods to improve battery life of Redmi S2

  1.  Spot the battery draining apps: Search for those apps which are taking more than required battery usage and kill them or uninstall them. If you have downloaded an unknown application in the previous days then check for it’s battery usage as sometime unknown applications can become a cause to this issue, to do so go to settings>>Battery, there you will see all apps and their battery usage time to time.
  2. Remove any live wallpapers if in use: Most of the time android users prefer live wallpaper because of their attractive look. A live wallpaper can groom your device but everything comes with a price and here the currency could be your battery so keep in mind that if you use a live wallpaper then be ready to charge your phone at a faster rate.
  3. Keep the brightness at low level: Brightness plays a major part in battery drainage that all the smartphone users must know as 30 percent of the battery is used by the screen and if you keep the brightness level high then the percent can raise upto 40 to 50 percent, so decide wisely.
  4. Use battery saver mode: Nowadays every smartphone has a pre-installed battery saver which could help one to reduce the battery usage. The one who is facing the battery drainage issue must use this feature frequently for best results.



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