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[New] Download Nokia Launcher Apk [Latest]

Download Nokia Launcher Apk
Download Nokia Launcher Apk

You can Download Nokia Launcher Apk for other Android phones and tablets. Nokia is re-entering the Android market with its new lineup of 2017 smartphones. We recently got our hands on the Nokia 3 we were able to extract the launcher that ships default on the phone. Many readers might think that the Nokia launcher is a heavily skinned affair but actually, it is quite similar to Google’s Pixel Launcher. In fact, we think, this is the only phone, except the Pixel lineup, which you can get that ships with the Pixel Launcher. Read further to find out more details and how to download and install Nokia 3 Launcher on any Android device.

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Download Nokia Launcher Apk
Download Nokia Launcher Apk

Nokia X lineup, back in the day, was the only Android offering from Nokia. However, it didn’t gain traction due to the highly modified UI which was supposed to be a Windows phone look-alike. However, this time around, Nokia has done a very good job with the UI. It hasn’t tweaked it much and has stayed true to vanilla Android. You can view the launcher running in the screenshots below along with download links and an installation guide.

Download Nokia Launcher Apk

Download Now

After you download it, install it like any other APK. If you are installing an APK for the very first time, you would have to enable “Unknown Sources” option in settings.

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