The Amazon Echo is capable of so much, but this can be a pain if it activates at the wrong times. Love your Amazon Echo, but don’t want friends ringing your device with a call in the middle of the night? You need Alexa’s Do Not Disturb mode.

On the Echo, Echo Dot, or new Echo Show, you can enable Do Not Disturb to suppress alerts about calls, messages, and the Drop In feature. This is handy for those times when you don’t want anyone contacting you, or if you’re trying to get some sleep.

How to Auto-Block Calls and Notifications With Amazon Echo

You can enable it on-demand by simply saying “Alexa, don’t disturb me.” To turn off Do Not Disturb, say “Alexa, turn off Do Not Disturb.” If you’d like to schedule certain times, you can do so through the Alexa app.

Open the Alexa app on your Android device or iPhone, then slide out the left menu. Select Settings, then tap your device at the top of the list. You can enable the Do Not Disturb slider if you like, but we’re interested in the Scheduled option below it. Tap this, enable the Scheduled slides, and select a time range for your Echo to quiet notifications automatically.

If you don’t use your Echo to make calls, this won’t affect you much anyway. But it’s a good idea to set this up since Echo calls will ring all Alexa devices registered to your account. You don’t want your house lighting up and ringing at 3 AM!


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