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The first beta version of the Android O already available to users, developers focused on the system “vital” parameters, such as speed of execution, security and battery life

Since the announcement of the next version of the mobile operating system Android O two months have passed , and Google today told what to expect from the new items. According to Sundar Pichai, developers O-version will focus on the vital functions of the system, such as battery life, security, speed and stability of the running applications.

To improve the level of safety Google introduced a new feature Google Play Protect, which scans apps in the Play Store content store for malicious code and alert users that are installed on its smartphone applications and games have recently checked the security system.

Developers promise that the Android O will load two times faster than the previous version of the mobile system. Download acceleration time will also affect the normal applications, made possible by the large-scale changes in Android OS kernel. To maximize battery life, the developers have introduced new “reasonable limits” on the use of system functions back-end applications, thus avoiding the high energy consumption software, in which the user does not need at that particular moment.

Of course, innovations will appear in the interface of Android O. In particular, applications will get accustomed to iOS «badges”, informs the user about missed notifications. In this case, the application is manifestly display the number of missed notification, indicating the need for attention to her tiny dot in the upper right corner of the icon. In this case, a long press on this application will not only quickly to clarify the number of missed messages, but also to interact with them.


autocomplete function will appear on all installed applications, not only in the Chrome browser that will simplify text input. There will also be redesigned the process of copying the text – instead of “sliding” indicator system will automatically recognize that the user wants to copy konkrteno (Word, address, or phone number) and automatically allocate the necessary piece of text by double-tapu. After copying the data, the system will give the necessary pop-ups – for example, a link to the application “Phone” after copying the telephone number. The changes will affect the organization and the system of notifications, which you can assign different priorities or “drown” in case of need.

According to the developers, the mobile operating system Android O will have a modular architecture that allows manufacturers of smart phones is much easier and faster to update their device to the newest versions of the OS.


The first public beta version of the Android O appears today, to obtain it is necessary to register at the following link , and thus has a compatible smartphone (Nexus, Pixel). Interestingly, when a sufficiently large amount of information about the new system, Google has not told the official news title – cookie lovers hope for «Oreo», but the exact name we know until shortly before the final release of Android O, the terms of which are also yet to be announced (assuming that it will be this autumn).

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