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How to Fake Location using lataclysm/MockMockLocations

If you are finding a comprehensive guide on How to fake mobile location using Xposed module, then you are at right place.Today I will be going to show you how to hack your device GPS and show false location on your map.This can be very useful in many cases like in showing fake location on pokemon go, or if someone asks you your location, then you can send them a fake location to them.

Fake-Your-GPS-Location-On Android

For doing fake location your device must be root and Xposed frameworks should be installed in it.

#How to Fake Location on Android

1.Download install Xposed framework from here if you are on a lollipop.

2.If you are running on Android marshmallow, then Follow this guide to install Xposed Framework on the marshmallow.

3.Once it is done Download install any one of them of the following xposed module.

4.Once downloaded and installed reboot your device once.

5.Afte rebooting you will the application of that app in your app drawer from there you can change your the location where you want.

6.Also, make sure Mock location is enabled from developer option.

Enjoy Faking location on Pokemon go and other apps.

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