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[No Root ]Turn Off Heads-Up Notification on Marshmallow 6

Google introduce Heads up Notification in android lollipop and marshmallow 6.0 many peoples like this feature as you easily access the apps.If you don’t like the heads-up notifications for certain apps like WhatsApp, facebook on your Android device running Marshmallow 6.0 you can easily disable heads-up notification without rooting your device.There is an option in android marshmallow through which you can easily disable heads-up notification for the particular app in Marshmallow.

But there was no straight option to disable the notifications on stock Lollipop. You could only disable heads-up notifications with root access on Lollipop. But no more!
Follow below steps to disable Heads-up Notification on Marshmallow 6.0 easily.

#How to Turn Off Heads-Up Notifications on Marshmallow

1.Open Settings » Apps.

2.Select the application for which you want to turn off or disable heads-up notification in your device.
3.Once you’re on App info page, select Notifications options.
4.Now on the App notifications screen, turn off toggle for “Allow peeking” or“Preview in pop-ups” (if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone).

That’s all. Do this for all the apps that annoy you the most with heads-up notifications.

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