[Fixed] “Unfortunately app has stopped” in Marshmallow Android M 6.0

Google recently released Android Marshmallow to Nexus device and Android One device in future other device too get the Officially android M 6.0 Marshmallow in there devices like Samsung,Motorola,Sony etc.
As we are seeing  many user who are using android Marshmallow 6.0 are getting weird error message that reads: “Unfortunately app has Stopped” working it can be Like: Google Photos , Facebook , Messenger , True Caller, Contacts , Hangouts , Google Play Music.


So How to Fix “Unfortunately app has stopped” on android Marshmallow 6.0.This is happening due to two reasons.

1.Due to Outdated Apps

For this you need to update your app to latest version from Google Playstore that supports android Marshmallow 6.0.

2.Due to Android System Web view.

Another reason of these frequent crashes of apps is Android System Webview app, Follow below step to fix the Unfortunately app has stopped Android M 6.0. 
Google may release a patch update of Android marshmallow soon it may be Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 to fix these errors.

#How to fix Unfortunately app has stopped on Android Marshmallow

1.Firstly open Settings then  go to apps then slide to All apps section.
2.Now search Android System Webview app from the list.
3.Open the and tap uninstall updates of the  Android System Web view app.

4. Once Update are uninstall restart the device and you are Done!
5.Now all the app crashes and  Unfortunately app has stopped error message will be gone.
Do share your feedback on this i it helped you  or share any other solution that worked for your.Thank You !


  1. Actually there is an option to do that.. Top right hand corner, you will find 3 dots, tap on that and you will find that option. But even after uninstalling the updates, the app still crashes. For me, Truecaller is not working. Even I own a Nexus 6P

  2. my lenovo k3 note got an update to upgrade my android so i did later wen i opened my marshmallow hidden game the game was very different like it shows question marks in the place of score and some times it shows "unfortunately your app stoped working" continuously
    my theatre max thing worked good untill it showed disable your microscreen to unlock ur vr mode how to solve this problems

  3. I am using Lenovo k3 note and got same problem after updating Android marshmallow.. My favorite app PicsArt photo studio is not working even after uninstalling system webview updates as mentioned by you… Please help.
    I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app, yet no use..

  4. After updating lenovoe k3 note to marshmallow, picsart has unfortunately stoped working.

    And I had uninstall updates of the Android System Web view app.

    But still it doesn't work,
    Please give me better solution..

  5. After updating lenovoe k3 note to marshmallow, picsart has unfortunately stoped working.

    And I had uninstall updates of the Android System Web view app.

    But still it doesn't work,
    Please give me better solution..

  6. Essentially these are all stabs in the dark. What works for me may not work for you.. Those are not technical answers (suggestions, sure). Clearly it’s not a solely sd card issue, not solely a specific phone issue, nor a specific app issue. IMHO, don’t do a factory reset unless it’s absolutely necessary. Trawl the web & all of the forums first. I don’t have the magic answer either so I’ll keep looking. They are only minor annoyances in the meantime anyway (well, compared to backups & resets).

  7. Hi,

    I have a Lenovo A7000 and updated it to Marshmallow. Later, another update rolled out to fix some stability issues, thus i downloaded and installed it too. Now everything is working fine, quite smooth and without any lag. All apps work perfectly.

    the only problem is with Google messenger and Google Plus apps.
    When i tap the google messenger to start, it says The app has stopped and then closes. Did everything from clearing cache to reinstalling, but no use.

    With Google plus, when i tap the ‘pencil’ button to write a post, the app closes automatically showing the same message.

    Is there anything to do with Google permissions or the problem is because of Marshmallow update.

  8. I had the same issue, and uninstalled the updates for Android System Web view but with no success.
    I remembered that I had played with a number of system and security settings.
    – Go to Application Manager
    – Tap the three dots at the right hand corner of the screen
    – Tap Modify System Settings
    – Locate Contacts
    – Verify that the setting for Contacts is set to On
    – Launch Contacts application

  9. I fixed the problem after installed freedom 1.0.8c not 1.0.8b after installed it not get anymore crash, sorry for my bad English my hope us fix the problem with this way..

  10. This Worked for me!!!!! I’m using an HTC 10 S-Off with ViperRom. Everytime I tried to attach more than one attachment stored on my SD Card using K9 Mail, I’d get the message “unfortunately documents has stopped” and the K9 Mail app would shut down. Uninstalling updates worked for me. This was driving me nuts!! THANK YOU!!!

  11. I have samsung j5 2016 (marshmallow)
    My calculator is “unfortunately, calculator has stopped”
    I cleared data and cache, restarted my phone too. Doesnt work. Help please.

  12. I have Samsung j5 2016. and wanna play COD STRIKE TEAM. BUT unfortunately strike team has stopped. solve this problem please


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