Once i was thinking that can we lock our TWRP recovery mode ? So that no other person can just wipe data from recovery and access your mobile even after you set the password in your device as after resetting device from recovery by this one can remove the device pass code from it.Finally I got the answer,Yes ! we can lock our TWRP recovery by setting custom password in it.


This can be helpful for those who lost there mobiles with locked TWRP recovery it will be a big troll for the thief as he can’t reset the android mobile password because he can’t access the recovery mode and hence your mobile will be only a plastic toy for the thief.So how How to Lock TWRP recovery in any android device.This method will work for almost all devices having 1080p Display.So let’s start with the step by step guide on setting password in TWRP recovery.

#How to Lock TWRP Recovery

1.First download this UI.zip file that you need to flash in TWRP recovery.

2.Now Copy this ui.zip to “/sdcard/TWRP/theme”.

3.Now reboot your device in to TWRP recovery and flash UI.zip file.

4.After flashing the UI.zip open settings in TWRP recovery and tap on change password in it.


5.Now set the Password according to your need and save it.


Now whenever you open you recovery for flashing any roms of kernel it will ask you a password to access the recovery option.

Note:Be careful in setting password and don’t even forget it.


  1. How can you flash a new recovery without enabling USB debugging? A password protected recovery does help. I haven't tested this though to find out if it even does what it claims to do.

  2. cant install any zip or swipe any data… swipe button is not working its at the most left side and cant completly swipe it after using this theme… pls help i think this theme is not supported for my screen resolution 540*960… any one pls modify theme for that resolution

  3. First of all the TWRP Theme folder is in my Device Storage not in SD-card.
    Second there is already a ui zip file inside theme folder so what i am gonna suppose to do….
    should i copy and overwrite that ui zip file with old one … please help ASAP


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