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how to Moto G 3rd Gen remove unlock bootloader warning

[Remove] Unlocked Bootloader Warning on Moto G 3rd gen 2015 [How to]

Today we will tell you how can you remove the Unlock bootloader waning message from your Moto G 3rd gen.This message comes only when you Unlocked The bootloader of Moto g 3rd gen.To restore to original boot logo follow below steps.
As we already discussed about “How to Root Moto G 3rd gen 2015 and unlock it’s bootloader
So this problem is faced by every Moto G3rd 2015 user Who Rooted there Moto G 3rd gen and Unlocked the Bootloader. you will see a message coming on
the screen every time when you restart you device saying “Warning Bootloader Unlock” In you Moto G 3rd gen
2015.It is very easy to remove the warning message from your device.Just follow some steps given below.

#How to remove unlocked Bootloader Warning Message.


1.Download this Zip file from [HERE].
2.Now place this zip file in your SD card or internal memory of your device.
3.Now reboot your device into bootloader.
4.The select Recovery menu (Note:You should have TWRP recovery installed in your device before flashing this zip.)
5.Now tap on install and Select the zip file you have pasted in your device earlier and then swipe to flash it.


6.Done! Now you will not see any warning message of unlocked Bootloader

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