Motorola is going to launch some new 3rd gen devices at there Motorola event at 28 July 2015.It includes Moto G 2015 3rd gen,Moto X 3rd gen 2015 with code name CALISTO and might be there is also a 3rd gen of Moto E 3rd gen. who know? 


Today we get some leaked images of Moto X 3rd gen by one G+ user that is Paul Faz,You can check out the leaked images of Moto X 3rd gen from here.According to leaked images and Rumors We are get some clear picture of Specification of Moto X 3rd gen as far as we know.

1.Screen Size & Resolution :Moto X 3rd 2015 with come with 5.2 inch Super HD display with 2K Display..

2.Camera: Moto X3rd gen 2015 will packed with 21 MP Rear camera with dual Flash light as well as Flash in front camera also with 5MP camera.

3.Ram:It may come with 4gb of RAM

4.Price:Price of Moto X 3rd gen in India will be about Rs 30000 or is US $466 US


5.Battery: 3280mah

6.SD Card Support :Moto X 3rd gen will not Support Sd card in it. 

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Hope so you like the new moto X 3rd gen 2015 .Keep vising for getting  new update and news on Moto X 3rd gen.


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