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[Activate]How to Enable TARS on whatsapp :A Personal assistant

 Today I came up with a new news about the Whatsapp TARS that is personal Assistance for whatsapp messenger Founded by Vinit agarwal and ish jindal.Now I will also tell you How to enable TARS in your whatsapp account.It is similar to Hike’s Natasha Botatasha Bot.SO lets starts with clearing some doubts and question about TARS and then we will discuss .As this in beta version so use it wisely.
How to activate TARS assistance on you Whatsapp on any device like android,JAVA,Iphone,iOS,Nokia,windows,symbian,blackberry etc.

Vinit Agarwal and Ish Jindal

Vinit Agarwal and Ish Jindal
Vinit Agarwal and Ish Jindal
Vinit Agarwal and Ish Jindal


# What is TARS  on whatsapp? 

TARS is a personal Based assistance which will help you in finding your answer related too whatsapp and having many other feature wil will discuss it the section What can TARS Do?,We did not get the information about the full form of TARS yet but will update soon.

#How to activate TARS on Whatsappp?

So second question is how to to get TARS on you whatsapp account.
It is very simple to enable Tars on your whastapp account just follow below steps applicable for all devices like android,iOS,Java,Nokia etc


►Steps to enable TARS on Whatsapp

Method 1:
1.First visit this official website of whatsapp TARS.
2.Then enter your whatsapp  mobile there.
3.After entering your mobile number press “Let me Ask TARS” button.
4. After this you will get the message “Congratulations you are Now on the waiting list of TARS ! you will Soon Get a Whatsapp Invitation”

Method 2: 

1.Just Save this Tars mobile no. on you mobile :”9900876785“.
2.Then send the  message on this mobile no. Hello on whatsapp messenger
3.After few hours TARS will be activated in you whatsapp.

#Did you have to pay for TARS on whatsapp

No,This service totally free of cost ,It free to chat with TARS.You will have to do payment if you order something.

#Whats can TARS do?


Anything ,You can ask any question from TARS like joke, make fake call,Know your result,book movie,Book pizza etc. 

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