Download Android M System apps (Camera,Bootanimation,Ringtones,launcher)


Today I came up with new and latest Android M stock app App including Android M camera ,Android M Boot animation ,Android M Ringtone.For both Android lollipop and Kitkat.As we all know that Google released android M developer Preview on Google I/O 2015 with lots of new features in it.Just download Android M system/stock  app from here and enjoy. 
            As the name is of Android M is not yet clear yet may be              milkshake,Muffins etch what you thing comment below. Now you can also taste the Android M feature on you android Lollipop and android Kitkat as well.
Just Download Latest android M launcher for android lollipop or Kitkat but its not available in lower android version like android jellybean,gingerbread etc.


Features of Android M apps:
– Android M Launcher/Velvet
– Android M Camera
– Android M Play Services [removed, not recommended to use!]
– Android M Wallpaper (download the Screenshots!)
– Android M Bootanimation (it is very similar to the Lollipop one, but it has a nice litte difference!)
– Android M Ringtones (Note: Nearly ever tone is the same as in Lollipop!)
– All Stock Nexus Android M Apps in one package
– Android For Work from Android M

Screen Shots:


– HDR+ will make the Camera App force close
– “Ok, Google” doesn’t work
– Android for Work won’t install, you have to put the apk and files in System folder

Other Informations:
Android Version required: 4.4+ (includes all Lollipop versions!)
WARNING: As this is taken from Android M it still can have risks! Keep this in mind! It was originally made for Android M, not L. 
-Thanks for The Xda dev FaserF for this.

#Download Section 

1.Download Android M Camera apk app : 

2.Download Android M Ringtones :

3.Download Android M  Boot animation 

4.Download Android M launcher 

5.Download Android M wallpaper (Updated)



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