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Why do my statistics differ between AdSense and Analytics and blogger?

If you see any significant difference in the visitors stats in blogger,adsense,and Analytics.Then there no need to worry about because there some reasons behind that discrepancy.Below are the top reasons why there is difference in statistic of blogger ,Adsense and Analytics.As you can see in example  below

Page views on adsense last 30 days

Page views on Blogger Last 30 days

Reasons why a page impression in AdSense may not line up to a pageview in Analytics and Blogger!

1.Separate java script code of adsense and analytic.
As you know that there are different java code of analytics and adsense so when ever any visitors came to you site until the site fully loaded sometime visiotor cancel the loading when use full portion of website is loaded or the page is not loaded properly and hence the code of adsense and analytics is not executed for recording the page views but blogger counted its page views . hence there is variation in page count.

2. Due to use of Iframe

Google adsense uses Iframe to serve it advertisement.browser that don’t support <iframe > tag will not report an impression and hence also not report that visit.This can result in alteration in the page view of adsene and analytics.
3.Use of Blocking software
As we all know that are are many software available on internet that block advertisement on nay computer of mobile devices.Some user may using this software when visiting you website hence no page view will be recorded on adsense
4.Low internet Connection
Many user are surfing internet with low internet connection speed that may also affect the pageviews of adsense and analytics but not for blogger because when ever site opens even a single image appears that visit is counted by blogger.
5.Time zone

 If your Analytics timezone doesn’t match
your AdSense time zone, then they two sets of reports will be
aggregating different time periods for the same displayed date.
So above are the some resasons why there is differenece in stats of blogger and adsense and analytics page views.So you can’t control that but one one this you can do that you can make your website load faster.So that adsense codes can get appropiate time get triggered on you website.
Hope this topic helps you to finding the answer about your quires :D.
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  • Hi Rahul you can make you site optimize and make it load fast.so that the user that are using low speed internet connection can load your site fully as the result your adsense ads code will be executed and can report there pageviews.If you still need any help you can ask.