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Hungama app offer -get Rewards and Free recharge.

Here is new offer by Hungama App.apk for bot Ios and Android From this You can earn Many awesome rewards and mobile recharge.Hungama is offering awesome rewards like free recharges, headphones, power banks, mobiles and many other. Earn these rewards by collecting points by doing simple activities at hungama site or app

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1.Earn 5000 points and get a free recharge worth Rs 100, 
2.Earn 500 points and get talk time worth Rs 10, 
3.Earn 2500 points and get recharge of Rs 50. 
4.You can earn up to 1070 right now by doing the following activities. 


Action Item                                                                                              Coins
By registering on Hungama.com                                                                   200 
By adding a social account                                                                            100 
By sharing a song/ album/ playlist/ radio station/ music video/ movie                  50 
By favoriting a song/ album/ playlist/ radio station/ music video/ movie               5 
By commenting on a song/ album/ playlist/ music video                                    5 
By listening to a song                                                                                    30 
By watching a music video                                                                            30 
By creating a playlist                                                                                     30 
By saving a discovery                                                                                   10 
By downloading a song or music video                                                           75
By streaming a movie                                                                                   50 
By inviting a friend                                                                                       50 

After doing all these activities you can easily get a free recharge of Rs 10 today or you could wait and collect more coins to buy some amazing products. 
• Sennheiser HD 180 for 2040 Coins 
• Portronics Charge One Powerbank for 11746 Coins 
• Samsung Galaxy Core 2 G355H for 30060 Coins

 How to Earn Rewards at Hungama

1. Install Hungama App then goto hungama site and register for an account then visit Hungama Reward Site and Log in. 
2. Do above activities and earn points. 
3. When you have earned certain amount of coins you can redeem it by going here for availing products and in “Mobile Recharge” tab in hungama reward site for mobile recharges.

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