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What is “Inbox by Gmail”? How to get inbox request easily?

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What is Inbox?

Every one on social networking site are asking whats is inbox and what is the use of it.So here is the answer for all of you that Inbox is Google’s latest application of next-generation email platform. Google announced the
invite-only product on October 22, 2014. I do not have access to the
product yet, but I’ll be sure to post some updates when I do. 

So what exactly is it that Google is rolling out? 
Next generation email. The idea behind this  is centered
around the idea of creating a truly useful inbox. All those unimportant
receipts for Internet purchases should disappear, conversations will be
grouped, and to-do and calendar items can be created based on messages.
It also looks like tighter Google Now card integration. 

How do you get an Inbox invite?

If you have a friend with an invite, ask them. This is now a
pretty typical roll-out strategy for new Internet apps of all stripes,
but it was used very effectively when Google rolled out Gmail. Invited
users had a limited number of invitations they could offer to their
friends, who then could invite their friends, and so on. The same thing
will apply with Inbox. 
Google is also seeding invites from a list of people who
write them at inbox@google.com. Don’t expect an immediate invite using
this method, but at least you don’t have to know a friend to get an
invite. Google’s only promise is that they’ll send “new invites every
Simple way of getting Google Inbox Invite?
If any friend or any one who go google inbox invite then you can give him a fake email if or you can make fresh new email id at the same time and give your friend and tell him to login to inbox aop with your new email id and logout now download google inbox from play store and signin with that same id i hope you will get access hurray now you can send invite to your original id and friends also.Tell me if this trick works.

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