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Discovery Channel launches new show ‘Deception with Keith Barry’

Understanding people’s mind, inserting thoughts, foretelling behaviour and hacking into subconscious seem like science fiction. But there is one person who has shown the process of doing it.

Discovery Channel has launched an exhilarating new series, ‘Deception with Keith Barry’, where the world-popular mentalist Keith Barry searches into the mysteries of the mind, which reveals how the common people can better harness their own abilities.
This is a four-part series which premiered on Discovery Channel as a marathon from 12 noon till 8pm on Sunday, February 19. It will be aired every Monday night at 9 pm starting 20 February, 2012.
Rahul Johri, Senior Vice President and General Manager, South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said on this series, “ Deception with Keith Barry will move the viewers on a real but an unimaginable journey.”Deception with Keith Barry Discovery TV Show, Keith Barry , Discovery New TV Show Deception with Keith Barry
In a variety of sequences, from the car salesroom to the dating scene — this 4-part series appears at what would occur if one could really read minds. Barry exhibits his exceptional powers while communicating few of the secrets behind his expertise to his viewers.
Keith Barry: He is a mentalist, an illusionist and master in the field of deception with almost 20 years of experience. He uses his powers of recognition and persuasion. Barry displays how his wonderful skills can be made use of in the following episodes of Deception with Keith Barry. 
Cops and Robbers
Mentalist Keith Barry has outstanding powers in him. In a splendid series of mind experiments, Barry turns police work on its head, how he uses his power to question, to investigate a crime scene.
Dating and Daring
Barry has extraordinary powers. What if you had those powers while you were dating or could read the body language of the opposite sex or even read their mind? In a splendid series of mind experimentation, Keith Barry turns dating on its head.
Used Car Salesman
What if you had those intelligent skills when you were buying a car? Mentalist Keith turns the table on the salesmen, in a splendid series of mind experiments, and shows what actually takes place when we buy and sell.
Black Ops
Keith turns his attentions to the Cold War. The CIA spent millions of dollars studying how to control mind in order to defeat Soviet Union spies and how did they ever succeed. Keith tries a mass hypnosis, plans common people to be spies and produce a sleeper agent.

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