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How To Use Google Adsense – Complete Guide

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Google Adsense is an ad serving program which was launched by Google way back in 2003. Today Google Adsense contributes more than 30% of Google’s turnover. So, Today I will be providing a complete guide on how to use Google adsense.

How to get Adsense account

Getting Adsense account is not quite easy because Google wants to maintain its reputation in the market and to maintain that Google keeps a check on users and allows only certain eligible and legitimate users to get the Adsense. Using Adsense is really simple but to do so you need to have an Adsense account and to get that follow the simple steps given below :
1. Go to Google Adsense
2. Now click “Sign Up Now” button to get registered.
3. Now fill out all the credentials asked by Adsense and click “Submit”.

4. Now recheck whether everything is correct or not if it’s not then edit it and make it correct and if all the things are correct then just click “Submit”.
5. Now your Application will be reviewed by Google and they will let you know whether your account is accepted or not through an email.

How to use Google Adsense

As I have already mentioned above that using Adsense is really a simple task and I don’t think anyone should get worried about it now. Once they get through that selectively permeable membrane from Google and your Adsense application gets approved then you simply need to click the link in the email and login in using your Google id. When you login for the first time Google will teach you each and everything which you should know about the Adsense program. They will teach you stuff like How to create Ad unit, how to put Adsense for feeds etc. These all things might sound a bit difficult for you in starting but believe me once you gets comfortable with Adsense you will ind it quite easy.

How Adsense works

Working of Adsense is really simple, Google Adsense works as a interpreter between the Advertisers and the Publishers. For instance let us say User A signs up on Adwords (Google’s program which allows user to advertise on Google), after User A signs up on Google Adword , User A chose to advertise about his tech site www.example.com on some good sites which covers the same niche which is covered by User A’s site. Now Google Adsense comes into action as it finds a compatible publisher, let us say User 2 , to advertise User A’s ad then Google Adsense uses his site to advertise User A’s site. Now if any of the visitors of User 2 clicks on User A’s ad then User A has to pay a sum of amount of to Adwords, indirectly to User 2. That sum of amount which User A gives is already fixed. Now what Adsense do is that it takes some of the money which User A has given to Adwords, indirectly User 2. That share of money which Google Adsense takes is around 32%. So this way all the three people Google Adsense, User A and User 2 gets satisfied and this way publishers can earn really a good amount of money.

How to create new ad unit

Creating a new ad unit means creating the code for the ad which you are going to place on your site.For the newbies this thing may seem a bit difficult but it is not at all as difficult as it seems. Actually it is the title which Google uses, makes it sound a bit difficult but once you know what it is all about you will say “ahh! How stupid I was!”. To know how to create a ad unit follow the tutorial given below :
1. Login to Adsense.
2. Now go to “Adsense Setup” tab.
3. Now click “Manage Ads” which is the second sub-tab.
4. Now from there click “Create a new AdSense unit”.
5. Now from the next page chose the page for you want the Adsense code.Let us say you have clicked “Adsense for Content”.This will allow you to add the Adsense ads anywhere on the page.

adsense setup
6. After choosing the correct topic click the type of Ad you want – Link unit or Ad unit.
7. Now fill out all the things according to your need.
google adsense ad unit
8. After filling just click “Continue”.
9. Now add your Ad unit to the specific channel so that you can monitor it easily.If you haven’t created any channel yet ,create it by clicking “Add a new Channel”.

channels in google adsense
10. After adding the channel click “Continue” and then click “Submit and Get Code”.

get google adsense code

11. Now Google will provide you the Adsense code which can be placed anywhere on the page

google adsense code

Remember : You cannot modify the code.If you will do so it will lead to the ban on your Adsense account!Also read other Google Adsense Policies so that you can minimize the risk of getting banned!

How to update personal information

Updating personal information is the first question which strikes the mind of a first time Google Adsense user.To update any sort of information on Google Adsense you need to simply follow the tutorial below –
1. Login to your Adsense account.

login in google adsense

2. Now click “My Account” tab.

google adsense tabs

3. Now from there you can easily update any sort of information you want to update – like you can change Payee Name,Address,Password,Language etc. which makes it flexible to use Google Adsense.
You can easily read Google Adsense program policies by Clicking here and I think you must read it because it makes you aware of what you can do and what you can’t. I think Google Adsense is the best ad network and you should follow its policies carefully to get maximum benefits from your adsense account.

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