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How to Change Start Button Text to Your Text

Sometimes we want that start button name in our window should be changed to our name or any other name.
There are simple Steps to do it, But first take backup of explorer.exe
Open –> My computer and Then as under…
C:Windowsexplorer.exe, Copy explorer.exe and Save it at some other place.
Follow Steps as under to change start button name:-
Download Software name ResHack.
Click here to download ResHack: http://resource-hacker.soft32.com/free-download
Open string table Then 37 and 38, Then change on right hand side “start” to your name “sashay’s” and then compile compile script above.
And then save it and then save as your explorer.exe as explorersasway.exe
Then do the registry setting
Open Run and Type regedit in it, Enter, Registry is opened.
Now go to win logon as under…
Hkey_local_machinesoftwareMicrosoftwindows NTcurrent versionwin logon
Click Win logon and No right hand side, Select shell
There modify explorer.exe as explorersashway.exe
Now Reboot or Restart your computer, you will be able to change the name of Start Button.

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