How to Hide files insode any Image file

This trick is used to hide files in images in encrypted format.
This is one of the best trick to hide files and send it over internet.

#How To Hide File inside any Image file just follow simple steps

1.The files you want to hide ,compress them using winrar,winzip etc.
2.Then Select a file and a picture in one directory and go to that directory using cmd.

3.Example place a picture and file in c directory (c:)

4. Go to Start–>Run and type cmd to open the command prompt window

5.Now go to directory where you have placed the files (type cd.. twice to go to C:)the type the following command.


COPY /B “name”.jpg + “name”.zip “new name”.jpg

After that process a new jpg file will be crated in C: with the name: new name.
6.Done you File is now hidden in a Image file.

If you double click you will see just the image,but if you right click to the file and select extract,your hidden files will be extracted.


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