How To Use SnapChat On Rooted Device using xposed Framework.

A big step is taken by snapchat team that the user having rooted device can’t use snapchat on there device.Snapchat is the fastest way of sharing photos to multiple friends at the time . However, many of you, Snapchat rooted users will
soon face error “Oh no! Your login temporarily failed, so please try again” as Snapchat
stop working on your rooted devices
.So if your are ruining on latest snapchat version and have rooted device then you may be seeing error while logging in your snapchat account.


So how to solve this problem and use snapchat even in rooted device.Yes you can use Snapchat app even on rooted device running on any android version jellybean,kitkat,lollipop etc.

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Follow below simple steps to use Snapchat and root access at the same time by using one small xposed module named as rootcloack.

#How to use snapchat on rooted device.

1) Make sure you have Xposed Framework installed in your device.If not you can install it from the download link below.
2) After installing xposed framework,Install RootCloak xposed module..
3) Enable RootClock in the Xposed Installer app. Do this by opening Xposed Installer, going to Modules, and pressing the check box next to RootClock.

4) Reboot your phone.

5) Now open rootclock app and go to RootClock settings and then go to Add/Remove. This is where you will change which apps RootCloak hides root from.

6) Go to the menu (3 dots), and press “Reset to Default Apps”.

7) Press the + button then find Snapchat app from the list and press it to add it to the list.

8) Exit RootCloak settings. If the app you just added was already running, either FORCE CLOSE it, or reboot your phone.

9) Run the app to see if root was successfully hidden.


1.Download xposed Framework installed.

2.Download Rootclock xposed module.


  1. It's not working because the xposed framework, u can use snapchat with root but not with xposed.
    What all of you need to do is to download the xposed uninstaller zip and flash it through recovery after that reboot your device and you will bi able to login into snapchat.
    After you logged in you can reinstall xposed framework again…

    • That makes absolutely no sense because this is Xposed module. I installed Xposed just to use this module. I wasn't able to log in before Xposed nor after. Not being able to log into Snapchat has to do with the app looking for root; not Xposed.

    • This solution was helpfull for me, maybe you have another problem that blocks you from logging into snapchat (I found this solution in the comments on another forum and this was helpfull for another people) so you should know that xposed framework is one of the things that will block you from login and you maybe need to try other solutions without the xposed framework installed
      (bty I'm using unofficial cm12.1 and maybe if you're using custom ROMs thats can make problems too…)

    • What I'm saying is, I was having the problem BEFORE I installed Xposed and then this module. I searched Google for solution and found this page so I installed both Xposed and the module. It's still not working.

      The problem is, there's been about four updates the Snapchat app in December all of which have modified how they check for root and this module hasn't been updated since September. It's badly in need of an update.

    • This worked for me – Xposed is definitely the reason it wont install.

      Just did a fresh install of Nameless ROM on my Note 4 and Xposed L was the first thing i installed. Snapchat was the second. Didnt log in.

      Uninstalled Xposed – Rebooted and flashed the Xposed module uninstall and it worked fine. Reinstalled after to use Snappref and all the fingerprint lock stuff that i normally have to protect my facebook, twitter & whatnot.

      thankyou for this

  2. Uninstalling xposed module worked for me. I could also reintall it later and keep using both xposed and Snapchat without any problems. Thanks a ton to one of the comment which finally helped me login to Snapchat.


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