Download and Flash Stock Recovery in Moto G 3rd gen 2015

If you want to revert back to stock recovery from TWRP recovery then your can download stock recovery of moto g 3rd gen 2015 from below link and also follow below step by step guide on how to flash stock recovery in Moto g 3rd gen XT1550.

 #How to Flash Stock recovery in Moto G3 2015

1.Download Moto G 3rd gen 2015 Stock Recovery.img from HERE
2.Download Motorola USB Drivers.
3.Download Minimal fastboot and install it on desktop. 

4. Now turn OFF you Moto G3. 

5. Then Turn On it again By holding (Volume down button and power button) at the same time for 6 sec and release it you will again see the bootloader.Now pug you device with your PC.
6.Then copy Stock recovery moto g 3rd gen.img that you Downloaded above and paste it in the mfastboot folder.
7. Now navigate to mfastboot folder where you installed earlier. Hold the shift key and right click on the mouse the in any blank space in that folder you will see open command window here click on that.


8.Now type the below code in command prompt and hit enter.               

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Note :Recovery.img is the name of the Stock recovery that you downloaded above steps so you can rename according to the name of the file that you paste in the Mfastboot folder here the name of the file is Stock recovery moto g 3rd gen.img

9.You have successfully flashed Stock Recovery in Moto g 3rd gen.

After flashing this recovery many reader of you are seeing no command window in place Moto G 3rd gen stock recovery,So i am updating this article on how to check if you flashed the stock recovery correctly or not and how to boot into stock recovery of Moto G 3rd gen.

#How to boot into Stock Recovery in Moto G 3rd Gen.

1.Open Moto G 3rd gen Bootloader as you opened it in Step 5. 
2.Now press Volume Down Key to highlight Recovery and then press power button to boot into recovery mode.
3.Now you will see a windows as below image showing No Commands on screen,don’t worry there is nothing wrong with it.
4.That’s what how Moto G 3rd gen Stock recovery main window looks like and to boot into recovery option.
5.Press Volume Up(+) button and Power button simultaneously for 5 to 10 sec.Now you will see a window like below image that’s what your Stock recovery is.

Note:It was little messing or we can say tricky 🙂 to boot into recovery,so keep trying to press volume up + power button simultaneously until you get they screen like above image. Happy Flashing !!!


  1. same thing here.. I flashed the stock recovery moto g 3rd gen.img file.. after that I get no command.. upadte: I was able to reboot, and got back to my home screen.. however I am not in stock.. still got all the things I had on my home screen

  2. Hi there! Have you ever got to the point where the Recovery Mode screen that shows the android lgoo and the ''no command'' text get's into a bootloop? Yes, that screen flashes and I am not able to click on power and volume up to actually get to the recovery screen.

    What happened to me was that I got the MM upgrade from my carrier, it got my phone stuck on bootloop, and ever since I have been trying to flash official MM images. Got the latest one and still no luck. However a big mistery I have is that I can't access Recovery Mode, and I get this loop I am talking about. Googling arround I got to this page, just trying to flash a recovery version that actually works, see if I can get out of that loop and do a Factory Reset (as recomended on an XDA post).

    I have been able to flash various recovery images, but none of them work. Actually 5.1.1 get me the loop I am talking about, but when I flash 6.0 recovery I don't even get the ''no command'' screen (not even for the nanosecond I get it when using 5.1.1 one).

    I tried using the one in your post and actually even get ''Preflash Validation Failed''.

    My phone version is:
    XT1540 8GB P2B
    Baseband: M8916_2020613. OSPREY_RETUSA_AWS_CUST

    Any ideas are really appreciated since I am out of them. Please don't tell me to send it back to Motorola since I bought it in the US and not currently there :P.


  3. getting the following error when i execute the command in step 8:

    target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes error: cannot load ‘Stock’: No error