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Join Gammerson And Become a Part of Us !

Gammerson is a Tech blog from Past 2 Years all dedicated to our reader to solve there problems by providing quality content and simplified explanation to there problems.As if now as we are getting great results from our reader we are thinking to expanding our Blog to greater heights but without a great team it is not possible at all so from today we are hiring writers and tech geeks from all over the Globe.
If your are one of us who likes to share information and loves to write.So join us and get ready for a great journey with us.If you want to know what type contribution you have to do you can view our blog post to get idea about the topics we love to write.

We are finding people who love to root, change roms or flashing stuff in there device more rather than using it and having sound knowledge about Android or iOS devices , If yes then you are the one we are looking for.

For Joining us Just read the below guidelines.

1.The content that you provide should be your creation (No copy pasted content).

2.Your article should be well formatted and organized so that it is easier for the reader to understand.

3.Make sure to attach appropriate images related to content to make it more presentable.

4.Promotion of a third party via your article is strictly forbidden.

5.Make sure that the information you provide is correct and appropriate.
6.If you are Joining only for Money, please don’t waste your and our time.

If you are interested to e-mail us at gammerson@gmail.com with following details.

1.You Full Name, Address, country and why you want to join us?2.Do you have any experience of writing an article or blogging  earlier if yes then provide the link for the proof.If now we have to check your writing skills and android knowledge before joining.

3.Atlast how much time you can devote to us in a day or a week or a month

4.Be Correct in giving the above answers in one sentence and always remember you have to do it with passion not only for money.

If you meet above conditions, so what are you waiting for.

Just get started.

Good Luck!!


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