SimAirport: Airport Simulator 2017 for Mac and windows Download


What is SimAirport: Airport Simulator 2017 all about?

SimAirport is a tycoon‐style simulation game that challenges you to design, build, and manage the operations of your very own airport. Airports have many moving parts, and each system is constantly interacting with others ‐ it takes more than you may imagine to get passengers from Point A to Point B.

How does the game work?

  • Unlimited Possibilities: You have 100%, full & complete control
  • Deep Simulation: Everything is individually simulated, from check-in to departure
  • Realistic Fun: As realistic as possible ‐ yet addictively fun
  • Terminal to Tarmac ‐ YOU ARE THE BOSS!

But Wait! There’s more!

  • Top Notch Sound ‐ by Alistair Lindsay: Immerse yourself in the roar of the jet engines and the brisk airport ambience! Alistair has created another masterpiece for his collection which already included Prison Architect, RimWorld, RollerCoasterTycoon 3, and numerous others.
  • Beautiful Graphics ‐ by Alice Bessoni: Sporting a top‐down, 2D‐perspective, you are able to appreciate every little detail ‐ whether you play from a bird’s eye view, or zoomed in to the max.
  • Top Notch Simulation: Our team has knocked it out of the park. Each and every detail; individualized passenger desires, on-premises fuel capacity, and even the contents of the dumpsters! Nothing has been overlooked in creating the deep, challenging gameplay that is SimAirport.


Downnload Airport Simulator 2015 for windows and mac

  • SimAirport: Airport Simulator 2017 for Mac and windows DownloadWhy Early Access?

    “We have so many ideas and opportunities for fun and unique gameplay elements in an open-concept simulation game like this, there’s a lot going on in an airport!

    Our goal is develop the best modern tycoon game we can — to do that we need to bring the community, you the player, into our feedback loop. We want you to get hands-on with the game and give us your feedback so that we can work to make SimAirport the tycoon game that you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid.”

    Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

    “We’ll probably be in Early Access for at least 6-12 months or more. This will of course depend upon the level of interest and engagement from the community.

    That said, we’ve got a lot of ideas and we’ve heard many ideas from the community as well; with your support we’d love to implement as many of them as we possibly can.”

Downnload Airport Simulator 2015 for windows and mac


How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Our plan is to release updates, roughly once per month, featuring: new features, new content, bug fixes, and general gameplay enhancements & improvements.

We can’t make any firm promises, and while it’s unlikely we will get to all of these, we’d certainly love to tackle as many of the ideas as we possibly can — not to mention new ideas that we receive via the community! We really hope to be working on SimAirport for a long time into the future.

In no particular order, here are just some of the ideas and concepts that we’d love to have the chance to tackle:SimAirport: Airport Simulator 2017 for Mac and windows Download

Some Ideas from our List

  • Random Events
  • Improve Passenger & Airline Feedback Loop
  • In-Game Tutorial
  • More advanced features for underground luggage systems
  • More advanced weather systems, including snow
  • Passenger AI improvements
  • Additional Tech Tree/Research content
  • More aircraft models & airlines
  • International passenger support
  • Passenger layovers
  • Staff Scheduling & Duty Assignments
  • Additional terminal content (bars [drunk passengers], lounges, smoking areas, etc)
  • People-Movers (moving walkways, trams / intra-terminal transit, etc)
  • Refined gameplay balance & economics
  • Support for multiple-floor terminals
  • Larger scale exteriors, land expansion (runways to-scale with aircraft size)
  • Parking Garages [in progress]
  • Airport arrival via railway [in progress]

Downnload Airport Simulator 2015 for windows and mac

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“The game is fully playable and the full passenger lifecycle is implemented. But the game is NOT complete — there is no tutorial, some UI is poorly explained, lack of balance/harsh difficulty, and missing gameplay elements that we feel are important to get into the game.


There are almost surely still some bugs — and it’s possible that future updates may introduce new ones too. We’re doing our best to eliminate bugs and being careful not to introduce new ones — but be aware, eventually you’ll probably encounter a bug or two. Generally though, the game is quite playable and is ready for more additional & more advanced features to be added.

Key Items Not Implemented or Lacking

  • No In-Game Tutorial
  • Random events not implemented (emergencies, incidents, VIP movements, etc)
  • Gameplay balance not well-tuned
  • Passenger AI is not as detailed or ‘smart’ / ‘dumb’ as we eventually hope for
  • Information System is in its infancy (flight info displays, public address system, etc)
  • Passenger & Airline ‘Feedback Loop’ is unrefined
  • Only about ~7-10 Tech Tree/Research Items implemented

Limited Content

Even some fully implemented systems have a limited amount of content — for example, Restaurants are implemented but currently we’ve only implemented ingredients for the staff to make: Pizza (via Fridge & Pizza Oven), Drinks (Drink Machine), Coffee (Coffee Machine), and Donuts (Refrigerator). Additional food products, each with various prices/margins, are to be added in future updates.