How to fix lag issue.If you love to Play online Games on your PC,Mac or android /iOS devices.Then you must be heard of the-the name of the game called if you didn’t heard go and play it once.This game is similar to ,, and Kind of !! My best game of all of them is and which I usually love to Play on my Macbook Pro.



But Sometimes these game are super laggy can’t playable any literally all of them lags ,, and lots of research I found some working solution for fix, and lag on pc and android.

#How to Fix Lag on Windows/Mac:

First tips are that if you are using windows, i prefer you to use Google Chrome to play on PC.Now follow below steps to fix the issue.

  1. Download and Open Google Chrome.
  2. Now open Settings by clicking three lines located at a top right corner of your screen.
  3. Scroll down and click on show advanced settings.
  4. In Privacy tab, Click on Clear browsing data.
  5. Now click on Clear browsing data.
  6. Now open secret mode and play the game also close other open tabs,
  7. Decrease the Quality of the game and also don’t use skins and no modds.

#How to Fix Lagging on Android:

  1. Firstly I don’t prefer you to play on Android device 
  2. Open Settings on your Android device.
  3. Now tap on More tab.
  4. Tap on Application Manager from the list.
  5. Now select All Application by a swipe to left.
  6. There you’ll see all your installed apps, Tap on
  7. Now all you have to do tap on Clear Cache. Now goto home screen and restart your device.

One more thing I observe that when I play these game at night is less laggy as compared day.So I would like say you to play at night :p . And Internet connection speed is also a major factor of lag you should have 3G connection of Wifi with good Connection speed.I hope it will help you do share your tips also.


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