Remove “Unlocked Bootloader Warning” in Moto X Play 2015 [How to]

If you want to remove the unlocked bootloader warning message at every startup of your Moto X play.The reason is obvious that it only come when you unlock the bootloader of Moto X Play 2015.Recently Motorola releases there some best devices in this year in which Moto X play 2015 is also included.As unlocking bootloader of Moto X play because without unlocking bootloader you can’t root it.
As we already discussed “How to unlock Moto X Play 2015 bootloader” So this problem is faced by every Moto X play 2015 user who unlocked the bootloader of Moto X play. You will see a message coming on the screen whenever you restart you device saying “Warning Bootloader Unlock” In you Moto X Play 2015.It is very easy to remove the warning message from your device.Just follow some steps on How to remove unlocked bootloader warning message in Moto X play.


#How to Remove Unlocked bootloader Warning Message in Moto X Play

1.Download Moto X Play

2.Download Motorola USB Drivers.

3.Download Mfastboot and install it on desktop.

4.Extract in Mfastboot folder  

5. Now turn OFF you Mobile.

6. Then Turn On it gain By holding (Volume down button and power button) at the
same time for 6 sec and release it you will again see the  bootloader.Now pug you device with your PC.



7. Now navigate to mfastboot folder where you installed earlier.
Hold the shift key and right click on the mouse the in any blank space
in that folder you will see open command window here click on that.
8.Now type the below code in command prompt and hit enter.

fastboot flash logo logo.bin

9.Done! now Bootloader unlocked warning will not come again.
If you face any problem in doing that you can comment below.


  1. Please reply, ive relocked my bootloader,but now the software status is show as "Modified",status code is 2,i am going to use your method to get rid of the bootloader unlocked warning,but is there any way to get back the stock recovery so that i can ota update in the future.

  2. wonderful sir it was a awesome tutorial i unlocked my bootloader and removed that warning sign only thanks to you i searched the whole internet but couldnt find one specific for x play but you did my job once again thank you very much


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