MIUI is one of the best ROM available in android.The latest MIUI ROM is MIUI V7 is highly customized and very beautiful ROM.Today we are going to tell how can we root Redmi 1st running on MIUI 7 beta.


You need to download a tiny zip file from the following link.[Download

#How to root Xiaomi Redmi 1s on MIUI v7

1) Copy the zip file which you have downloaded from PC to your phone internal storage.
2) Rename the root.zip file to ‘update.zip’. (Remember all are small letters )

 3) Go to Tools folder-open updater app-click on three dots on the upper side-Reboot to recovery mode-press volume down button twice-when orange colour go to ‘English’ press lock button-press lock button twice to select OK.

4) Then it will take 2-3 minutes to complete and it will automatically reboot the phone.

5) Now a new app named ‘SuperSU’ will be there. Open that app.

6) After opening that there will be a popup message saying ‘The SU binary needs to be updated.Continue?’-press continue->press normal.

7) Then it will tell Installation success.press Reboot.

8) After rebooting the phone will be rooted.Congratulations! You had rooted your phone.To check if your phone is rooted or not download ‘Root checker’ app from playstore and see.

Remember you should root your phone after clean flashing MIUI v7.
Disclaimer- We will be not responsible if anything goes wrong.So do all the steps very carefully.
If you have any confusion don’t hesitate to comment below.


    • Sir i have redmi 1s mobile…i want to root this mobile…and i install update.zip file for root…after install update.zip …super user pop up the i click continue …then ones again super user pop up then i click wrongly touch twrp/com ..but u told click on normal…then i reboot my phone…after reboot only mi com displaying ….after one day its not forward….i think my phone had damaged………any idea do u have…..plzzz

    • actully my phone is not working ..phone screen is still..nd shows only mi.com..no buttons are working even not touch screen process is still off..nothing would b happen in phone…phone is tottaly hanged ..when i swited on my cellphone it shows only logo of mi.com..only on /off buttons are working….not worked volume buttons aur any kind of side buttons on my phone….How can install stock rom in it.

  1. I saved my file in internal memory and opened recovery mode to root, but it doesn't work. Showing update.zip not found. Kindly help…
    But i already rooted my phone once and unrooted it. Is this impacting my phone right now?

  2. Sir what is meant by “To root your phone after clean flashing MIUI v7.” Pls tell us in detail with screenshots. Thanku


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