Hello everybody today i will show how to remove readonly error from pendrive and memory card.and how  to make pedrive  write protected  or how to remove write protection from pendrive.there are many uses of this as we can protect our personal data from deleting or accidental  format.

How to do this

1.First click win key+R key a run window will open type CMD in it and press enter.

a black window will open like below image.



2.Then type   diskpart  then hit enter.A new window will open then type list disk.

3.Then select your disk by typing  select disk6

where 6 is your disk number as shown in the picture.

3.Then type attributes disk clear readonly     then hit enter a “Disk attribute cleared successfully” will be displayed.

now your write protection is removed from your pendrive or Sd card.


How to Set write protect pendrive again

=> just type attributes disk  set readonly hit enter “disk attributes set successfully” will be displayed. that means you have set your pendrive or sd card write protected.

If You have any problem you can ask in comment section.happy learning.


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