Guyzzz,   U may think that it’s also a joke,.. We heard many joke’s about Rajni,.. The man who deletes Recycle bin,  Earth rotates in his finger,.. etc,etc,………..

But Now, this is serious,.  seriously I am not joking……….. 🙂
When U enter the site, U will get a welcome message saying, “He is no ordinary man,.. This is no ordinary website”

The only way You can enter the site is switch off the internet connection,..
If u disconnect the internet connection, You Will be welcomed by “Aye macha! Vanakkam Ayyappam….

And if you reconnect the network connection while browsing,.. U will get a message saying “Aiyyo,…This is unexpected, To keep browsing, Turn off your internet connection”

This awesome idea is done by Gurbaksh Singh, The creative director of webchutney..  He said, “The unbelievable spectacle of running a website without the internet is a tribute to Rajinikant’s larger than life image,”

tHis has became viral in the internet just after the Launching if the website,.. The world’s first website that works without internet….

Wanna try this,???  goto


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