Are you tired of using the low speed 2G service? I know your answer is ‘YES’. We all want to lay our hands on the latest high speed 3G service which gives a  download speed of 500 kbps to 1000 kbps. Today I will show a trick using which you can use unlimited 3G service for free.


    3G Service

  1. Tata Docomo SIM Card with a balance of more than Rs. 1
  2. 3G enabled cellphone


  1. Create New Access Point Using Below Configuration and restart your cellphone.
    • Name : Tata Docomo or any
    • Access Point ( APN ) –
    • Homepage : or any
    • Proxy :
    • Proxy Port : 8080
    • Username : leave blank
    • Password : leave blank
  2. Download Operamini 4.2 Handler Browser
  3. Open your Opera mini handler and do the following changes in the Setiings:
    • Set Divein Settings as Default Settings For Opera Mini
    • Set http in Custom Field in your Opera Mini handler
    • Set Socket Server to OR
    • Keep Proxy Type as blank (Don’t Enter Anything in Proxy Server Field)
  4. Done!! Now use your free unlimited 3G service. Enjoy!!


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